DMCA gets a lot of user generated and user submitted content, so it becomes important for us to clearly outline our thoughts on DMCA.

In short, we will abide by the written letter of law. More importantly, we will try to stay true to the spirit of DMCA. If you find that any work of yours has been published on, and you want that gone, just let us know.

But, before you decide to go that way, know that our mission is to serve literature, and being writer friendly is the core foundation of that mission. So, some clarifications are in order.

First, if you are the original writer, you retain all the copyrights to your work. We don’t and won’t claim any of those (i.e. except whatever permissions are required to display the literary work on our website and apps). You may use any of your work in whatever way you please.

Second, we credit writers appropriately and if we haven’t already done so, it is because we don’t know whom to credit. If you haven’t been credited for your work yet or if we have credited a work to someone else erroneously, please let us know.

Finally, we allow verified writers to add Patreon links to their profiles. These links allow the literary patrons to show their appreciation, and while it won’t ever be a lot, it is still something. Please contact us in case you are interested in getting one.