The genesis of Litcracy lies in a sorely felt personal need. 

You see, we have been big fans of the writing communities since time immemorial and in our experience, a ton of high quality literary work gets generated on these communities every single day.

But as is true of anything else on internet, even this high quality work has a short shelf life. The quality to quantity ratio on internet is heavily skewed and anything and everything will eventually get buried under the avalanche of new submissions. 

Once the newness is lost, it becomes almost impossible to for this work to get rediscovered. Additionally, with most of these writing communities, there is no categorization, there is no curation, and by any chance if you want to revisit the same literary work months down the line (and relive the joy of it 🙂 ), it’s a chore to even find it in the abyss that is internet.

Now in literary context, if the quality is high enough, such a short shelf life is a bit unnatural. After all, there are masterpieces that have stayed relevant even after hundreds of years. We tried to search for a platform that fixes this. And when we couldn’t find anything, decided to build something ourselves.

So, the crux is that we (and our users) will curate, we will categorize, and we will ensure that high quality literary work lives forever. The name (lit-cracy) literally means the rule of the literature, and we strive to stay true to that cause.

We go out of our way to be writer friendly and we want to become that one place on internet that the literature community can truly call their own.